About Our Parish

The Transfiguration Parish was established in 1930, along with the parishes in Concord (Holy Trinity) and in Laconia (Taxiarchai) to serve the spiritual needs of the Orthodox Christian faithful in northern New Hampshire.  In the early years the three communities shared the services of one clergyman.  Later, as more and more faithful populated the Concord, Franklin, and Laconia areas, these parishes were able to support their own Priest.

The founders of the parish were Mr. and Mrs. Steve Barry, Mr. and Mrs. James Liolis, Mr. and Mrs. Christy Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Stavro, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Soter, Mr. and Mrs. James Shanelaris, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Anastos, and Mr. and Mrs. George Loli.

The Transfiguration parish, which serves as a Pareklision to the Holy Trinity parish in Concord, has been maintained by the few families in the Franklin area and has been faithfully served by the Priest of the Holy Trinity parish who celebrates the Divine Liturgy one Saturday every month and other services throughout the year.